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Ardy Roberto's "The Happy Entrepreneur" gives readers a ray of hope

February 21, 2019 AT 10:16 AM

Ardy Roberto's "The Happy Entrepreneur" gives readers a ray of hope

"The Happy Entrepreneur" takes readers to the heart-transforming journey of Eddie and Tim.

Bestselling author-entrepreneur in his first fiction work

 Bestselling author Ardy Roberto has created his first ever work of fiction, “The Happy Entrepreneur,” a fresh read on mentorship and learnings and recouping after a huge failure published by ABS-CBN Books.
“The Happy Entrepreneur” is about twentysomething Eddie who is at the end of the rope, but finds chance solace from Tim, a successful entrepreneur who will lead the former to a heart-transforming journey. 
Former ANC’s “On The Money” host and edupreneur Edric Mendoza affirmed the fiction’s concept. “As you read the book you will realize that the world is full of Eddies and Tims. We are all an Eddie as we go through challenges and struggles, and them a Tim comes along to help us overcome,” he wrote in the book review. 
Here are some learnings Tim has gradually shared to his mentee, Eddie, as they go through training and discovery:
  • Humility is the first step to success. “If you want to be successful, you have to be humble enough to ask for help.”
  • It’s crucial to change mentality. Shift vocabulary “from that’s impossible, to I’m possible!” and look at problems as challenges.
  • Small things, like being on time, matter. “If God cannot trust you with His Time, he cannot trust you with His money. If we are not faithful with little things, God cannot trust us with the bigger things.”
  • Having integrity is non-negotiable. “Have a mindset and attitude that the truth will always prevail.”
  • Don’t let your business define you. “Your business is not your life. If you don’t watch it, your business will end up owning you, instead of you owning the business.”
  • Understand what failure really is. “Failure is just an event, a stepping-stone to success.”
Ardy is an entrepreneur who has co-founded seven businesses, including Salt & Light Ventures and Inspire Leadership Consultancy. He is also a speaker, volunteer, and mentor for Go Negosyo, and was once voted “most inspiring entrepreneur” at the Entrep10 Awards. “The Happy Entrepreneur” is his ninth book.
Be moved with Eddie and Tim’s journey in Ardy Roberto’s “The Happy Entrepreneur,” available in leading bookstores for only P250. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit