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Jericho, Yam, Yen, and Sam fight for love and right in last two weeks of "Halik"

April 12, 2019 AT 10:50 AM

More intense confrontations and notable clapbacks will amp up the excitement of viewers every night as Lino (Jericho Rosales), Jade (Yam Concepcion), Jacky (Yen Santos), and Ace (Sam Milby) face their toughest battle yet to claim their desired love and right in the last two weeks of top-trending series “Halik.”

Viewers are in for more infuriating scenes as Jade and Ace put all their schemes to work to escape from the authorities and take baby CJ away from Lino. But, Lino will do everything to reunite with his son and make sure his enemies will rot in jail while having Jacky by his side, who vows to support him until the end.

But just as they thought things could not get any worse, Jade and Jacky’s lives will be put in danger, which will cause a major shift in Lino’s fight for justice. Despite the possibility of lives being lost with his vicious tactics, Ace will continue with his plans of revenge against Lino whom he thinks made his life miserable.

Who will win in their battle? To whom will they give their last kiss?

Undeniably one of the most-talked about series in 2018, “Halik” has built a strong fan base that made it a top-trending topic almost every night. It is also a favorite subject among Facebook pages and memes with its “nakaka-gigil” scenes that are popular among netizens.

The series also shared valuable lessons to audiences nationwide. Lino impressed viewers with his dedication in doing what is right and just, even if it would mean giving up his own happiness. Jacky, on the other hand, was noted for her bravery as she proved that women are also capable of defending themselves against powerful men.

Despite her bad reputation, Jade is a doting mother to her child and is willing to sacrifice even her own life just to make sure her baby is safe. Meanwhile, Ace is a proof that every vicious deed would mean tough consequences, and genuine happiness comes from doing good to others.

Viewers at home were also gripped by the intense episodes of the series since it started airing last August 2018, consistently winning in national TV ratings, and even hitting an all-time high rating of 29.3%, a feat for its timeslot.

The series is also a hit on iWant as it remained as the most-watched show on the ABS-CBN streaming service last March.

“Halik” has also conquered the African territory now that it reached Tanzania and has been airing since February.

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