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Dimples imparts essential ‘mom’ skills in “Dimps Tips” book

April 15, 2019 AT 03:43 PM

Dimples imparts essential ‘mom’ skills in “Dimps Tips” book

The “Kadenang Ginto” actress shares tips to boost productivity at home.

Dimples Romana drew up the lessons she learned as a mother of two kids in the latest read from ABS-CBN Books, “Dimps Tips,” featuring 52 essential life skills every mom needs to know.

The “Kadenang Ginto” actress detailed her parenting and homemaking journey in the book while recommending weekly boot camp activities for moms. “If, like me, you’re constantly struggling, exhausted, confused, trying, lost and broken, this book is for you, momma.”

“Dimps Tips” features four helpful categories—essential recipes, mindful mommy skills, time and financial management skills, and ‘me’ time moments, which Dimples stressed to be all equally important.

The mom of Alonzo and Callie wrote, “We, naturally and willingly, put ourselves last when it comes to family. And that’s because a mother’s heart is selfless.”

However, she said that indulging in small luxuries, allowing yourself to relax, ang giving in to what your heart needs at the moment also help a lot. “Believe me, I am a stronger, better mother when I take care of myself,” she said, identifying eight simple ‘me’ time opportunities to take care of oneself.

Among the 20 essential recipes from Dimples’ kitchen are her salted egg shrimp, chili garlic crab, white tuna pasta, and ginataang santol concoctions. She also included tips on cooking classic Pinoy favorites such as adobo, sinigang, pancit, and sisig.

There are 14 mindful mom skills in “Dimps Tips.” “Mindful motherhood is a great way to set the tone for your home and your family life. The practice of being mindful as a mother and as an individual will help in being more productive in life,” she penned.

The Kapamilya actress also revealed 10 time and money management skills she learned ever since she started her own family in June 2003. Among these are mastering to-do lists and having a long-term calendar with big dreams on it.

In between the life skills the new author shared are her sensible advices for moms, and dads, as well. “Live in the moment. With the rise of social media and excess documentation of each moment we live day by day, we forget to just BE. To be in the moment 100%.”

Learn new skills every week with the book “Dimps Tips” by Dimples Romana, now available in leading bookstores nationwide for only P225. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit