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Ria Atayde is bewitched because of love in "Ipaglaban Mo"

April 05, 2019 AT 12:06 PM

Ria Atayde becomes enslaved by her own paranoia and delusions in her marriage and turns to a witch doctor for help in this Saturday’s episode of (April 6) “Ipaglaban Mo.”

Former village beauty queen Lily (Ria), begins to take less care of her appearance when she marries Gimo (Vin Abrenica) and becomes a mother of two. But her insecurities grows when Gimo starts to work late at night, text secretively, and put a lock on his mobile phone. Wary that her husband might leave her for someone else, she gives in to her friend Aya’s prodding (Dona Cariaga) to consult a witch doctor to find out if Gimo was having an affair.  

Despite her mother Roma’s (Olive Isidro) protests, Lily decides to consult a famous “albularyo,” Pedring (John Arcilla). But the sweet-talking Pedring takes a liking to Lily , manipulates her, and convinces  her that Gimo was indeed cheating on her.    

He then instructs her to go to a cave where they would conduct a ritual, and make a love potion to win back her husband.

During the ritual, Lily is drugged by Pedring, who begins to force himself on her in the guise of “curing” her broken heart to save her marriage. When she passes out, Pedring proceeds to rape her.

When Lily regains consciousness, she rushes to Gimo to tell him what happened. They go to the authorities to report the heinous crime. Gimo seeks revenge and, in a fit of rage, goes after Pedring.

Will the court favor Lily, who was lured and hypnotized by the beguiling Pedring? Will Lily and Gimo find back their dignity for their family?   

“Ipaglaban Mo,” the only legal drama on Philippine television, offers viewers entertaining and informative episodes about real-life cases, which they may learn from. It also offers free legal advice to the public every week at ABS-CBN’s Tulong Center in Quezon City.

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