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"Kadenang Ginto" continues to reign afternoon TV, hits over 800 million views on YouTube

May 17, 2019 AT 02:31 PM

"Kadenang Ginto" has taken over afternoon with its intense scenes and trending catfights, making it the most watched afternoon program and one of the most talked about Kapamilya series on social media.
Since the show aired on television, the show headline by Beauty Gonzales, Francine Diaz, Andrea Brillantes, at Dimples Romana has consistently reigned its timeslot and remained unbeatable in national TV ratings. It recently hit its all-time high rating of 27.3% — an exceptional feat for an afternoon series — and remained within the 20%-mark, according to data from Kantar Media.
It has also reached massive success online as its daily highlights on YouTube hit over 800 million total views, with almost each video reaching more than one million views. The series is also a major hit on iWant as it topped the list of most watched programs on the streaming service last April, earning over 1.5 million views daily.
Its success also has also translated on social media as the series has spurred countless of memes that netizens enjoy. Some even make their own versions of the iconic confrontations, such as vlogger Kyo Quijano, whose parody series "Kadenang Tanso" has earned over one million views.
The show was also hailed the Best Daytime Series in the 2019 Golden Laurel Awards at the University of the Philippines-Batangas for its gripping scenes and compelling story.
Meanwhile, “Kadenang Ginto” brings more explosive twists, starting off with the addition of former “PBB Otso” housemate Seth Fedelin to the cast.
From the success of “Kadenang Ginto,” Dreamscape Entertainment launches “The Gold Squad” of Francine, Kyle, Seth, and Andrea – four fun, responsible, driven, and family-oriented teens from different backgrounds with diverse life experiences. Together, “The Gold Squad” will bring surprises that their young fans will be able to relate to, starting off with their own album that will soon be released by Star Music.
Aside from “The Gold Squad,” more unexpected revelations will grip viewers now that Romina (Beauty) is finally acquitted from the case filed against her. But Daniela (Dimples) will not allow to be dethroned and will do what it takes to defeat her mortal enemy. Seeing her mother struggle because of Romina, Marga’s (Andrea) hatred towards Cassie (Francine) will grow even more and make her realize that she is not worthy of being a Mondragon.
Where will the conflict of the female Mondragons lead them to?
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