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GEM TV Asia brings back Japanese music fest this July

June 20, 2019 AT 01:51 PM

J-Pop viewers are in for a treat as SKYcable channel GEM TV Asia, home of all Japanese entertainment airs “The Music Day,” a highly anticipated J-pop summer music extravaganza showcasing top caliber Japanese artists on July 6.


GEM is once again partnering with Johnny & Associates, one of Japan’s biggest talent arms to bring the popular boy group of 13 years, KAT-TUN, to Hongkong and banner “The Music Day 2019” line-up.


KAT-TUN, based from the letters of the members’ names is composed of Kazuya Kamenashi, Tatsuya Ueda, and Yuichi Nakamura.


The said boy group also is the first Japanese artist to perform for 8 consecutive days at Tokyo Dome for its live tour in 2009.


Before the group was formed, Kazuya was more known in one of Asia’s most coveted duos, Yamap, with Tomohisa. He was also cast in “Gokusen 2” and “Gokusen The Movie” with ex-KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi, and in “Nobuta Wo.” On the other hand, his other co-member, Yuichi, has been a well-known commentator and host of his own segment on Nippon TV’s information variety show “Sunday Countdown Show Shuichi” since 2011.


Joining KAT-TUN are hit Japanese artists AKB48, Exile, J Soul Brothers III, Miura Daichi, and Dean Fujioka.  


The good news is, SKYcable subscribers can also get to meet KAT-TUN in person – in Hongkong. Subscribers just need to go to and fill out the entry form, and answer this question “What is the telecast date and time of THE MUSIC DAY 2019 on GEM?”. Don’t miss ‘The Music Day’ this July 6 on GEM TV Asia. Promo Period is from June 10-23, 2019. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 9550.