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Inigo mixes it up with UK band New Rules

September 27, 2019 AT 02:33 PM

Inigo mixes it up with UK band New Rules

Inigo collaborates yet again with international artists, this time with Ryan, Alec and Nathan of UK band New Rules.

Brits Ryan, Alec and Nathan sing in Filipino!
No language barrier can stop Inigo Pascual and UK-based band New Rules from joining forces as they perform a mash-up cover of their respective songs “Dahil Sa’Yo” and “Fix Somebody.”
Ryan Meaney, Alec McGarry, and Nathan Lambert of New Rules eagerly sang the Tagalog lyrics of the big hit “Dahil Sa’Yo” with Inigo, while jamming on their guitars.
Ryan said they have nothing but admiration for Inigo and his artistry. “It was amazing to work with Inigo, he's a really good singer, much better than us. We did some acoustic songs and his voice was amazing, we did a cover and then we did some originals as well. We even tried some Filipino," he shared.
The remarkable collaboration came about when Inigo went to London recently for the 35th anniversary of the London Barrio Fiesta. New Rules’ manager Andy Dutnall (who has Filipino blood) introduced the band to the talented Filipino’s music, and the rest, as they say, was history. 
Despite hailing from different backgrounds, Ryan said that they still found it easy to connect with Inigo. “Just goes to show you, 'cause he's from the Philippines, we're from the UK, just had lots of similar things in common. Like, just big into music, into a lot of the same artists which made us click really quickly."
The trio, a rising band from the UK who are set to go on-tour with popular British girl group Little Mix this October, said they are looking forward to doing more collaborations with Inigo on various projects. They also have plans to visit the Philippines next year.
Inigo’s team-up with New Rules is part of ABS-CBN’s ongoing bid to propel gifted artists like him to the international music scene and have the world embrace Filipino talents.
It succeeds his collaboration with Singaporean hip-hop/R&B artist Akasha for the song “Adios” earlier this month, and the release of his international single “Catching Feelings” featuring Moophs, which already hit one million streams on Spotify. The pop artist is also slated to launch his “Options” music video in October.
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