Love of family and unity prevail on "A Soldier's Heart" finale week

September 16, 2020 AT 11:57 AM

ABS-CBN’s hit series “A Soldier’s Heart”’s brings the conflict between blood brothers to a dramatic and bloody conclusion this week but love of family and unity will prevail.


Alex (Gerald Anderson) and Elmer (Vin Abrenica) finally agree to pursue justice for their fallen father despite being pulled apart by tragedy and personal differences.


With the help of their band of brothers—Abe (Carlo Aquino), Michael (Nash Aguas), Benjie (Yves Flores), Phil (Jerome Ponce), Jethro (Elmo Magalona), and Lourd (Sue Ramirez)—the two get close within striking distance of the Saal (Sid Lucero) and his men. 


But on the brink of a fatal clash, Alex is overcome by love of family and tries to convince Saal that it isn’t armed conflict that will bring them the freedom they have fought for.


Will Alex persuade Saal to surrender or will another life be sacrificed in the fight for freedom?


Meanwhile, netizens continued to pour out their emotions on Twitter about the brothers’ final conflict as the hashtag #ASHTheFinalMission trended on Monday (September 15). 


"Monday pa lang ito kabog na paano pa ang mga ekensa sa huling apat na araw?Pero nalulungkot ako dahil ilang araw na lang," Twitter user @amikaelaak said.


@Oren_0007 tweeted "Kudos sa writers' pool. Mula sa saliksik, brainstorming, pagsusulat, editing at On-going taping, grabe! Kailangang mapanood talaga ito saan mang panig anumang platform. It deserves an award thereafter! Sepanx!" 


"Parang mas mahirap magtweet ngayong finale week, kasi ang hirap kumurap habang nanonood sa mga ngyayare," said @JustMeMonic.

@JhonMontejo5 thanked Benjie for life lessons learned. "Dear Benjie, Thank you kasi andami kong natutunan sayo sa character at pagiging totoo mo nakaamin na nga pala ako sa taong mahal ko ng dahil sayo. Maraming salamat sa karakter mo. Mahal kita."


Viewers can catch “A Soldier’s Heart” weeknights on Kapamilya Online Live and Kapamilya Channel at 9:20 PM.


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