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iWantTFC observes Holy Week worldwide with "Movies for the Soul" collections

April 07, 2022 AT 04:31 AM

iWantTFC observes Holy Week worldwide with "Movies for the Soul" collections

Award-winning classics and international festival entries offer subscribers entertainment and reflection on faith, family, and society

SAN FRANCISCO, April 6, 2022 - As the world approaches Holy Week, historically the most sacred time for over two billion Christians today, leading global Filipino streaming platform iWantTFC celebrates the period with thoughtfully curated "Movies for the Soul" bundles for its rapidly growing viewership.
Available on iWantTFC are the following sets for only USD 2.99 each to rent:


HIMALA (Miracle)
The only Filipino film that made it to the 2008 CNN International's Best Asian Films of All Time and a Bronze Hugo award winner at the 1983 Chicago International Film Festival, Himala tells the story of a poor provincial girl named Elsa who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary and then demonstrates the ability to cure the sick.  This sparks national hysteria, greed, and a tragedy that all raise deep questions about faith.
Years after volcanic mud flow (lahar) covers a town in Pampanga, Philippines, Pol and his coworkers dig up the coffin of his daughter. The remains of two-year-old Marikit did not show any signs of decay. Many consider this a miracle and people troop to Pol's home to be healed by Marikit. As people are getting healed purportedly by the dead child, Pol insists that his child is worthy of being called a saint. Thus begins his crusade to get his daughter beatified. Unearthing her body digs up unresolved issues in many persons' lives. In the end, an event will make viewers ask if there was healing, a cleansing of sins and a chance to move on.     
SEKLUSYON (Seclusion)
In 1947, those aspiring to be priests are sent to a remote convent to live in seclusion to shield them from the world's evils. Their solitude is interrupted when a girl arrives, and they debate whether she was sent by God or by the devil.
A film that is not for the faint-hearted, it tells the story of a group of people who ventures into a remote village to ask a mysterious faith healer to cure their ailing loved ones, unaware that through unforeseen consequences, every supposed "healing" would soon be repaid in the most disturbing ways.


Four brothers, who are forced to leave their hometown after it is devastated by a super typhoon, struggle to bring music back into their lives. A hopeful film that inspires people to dream in the face of adversity, critics have praised that the real star of the movie is its unforgettable soundtrack.
Ronald Jimenez, Jr., a man with intellectual disability, faces the greatest trial of his life when he is accused of raping a schoolteacher Bessy Buenaventura. To save him from conviction, a married couple on the brink of annulment needs to work together. Development psychologist Amanda Bien asks her criminal lawyer husband Julian Bien to be Ronald's defense counsel. But fate has its way of intertwining all their lives when the couple finds out that Ronald is the best friend of their deceased son Martin Bien, who dies in a tragic accident just a year ago. As they and their relationship are put on trial, will truth come out?
ANG LARAWAN (The Portrait)
In a powerful musical tale about standing together against materialism, two impoverished sisters anguish over whether to sell a painting, the final masterpiece by their recluse father. The movie is a lavish, powerful family drama that is a bitter struggle for survival against betrayal set in pre-World War II Manila.
A Muslim doctor returns to his homeland where the Philippine military is at war against the militant Moro Islamic Liberation Front. While he endeavors to lead his family and other civilians to safety, he struggles to reconcile his professional and religious principles.


Charlie Sr. is a Filipino immigrant in Alaska who is living a carefree life. His life suddenly changes when he is tasked to take care of his estranged son, Charlie Jr., whom he had left behind in the Philippines. As he struggles to become a real father to his son, Charlie crosses paths with Angel, a quirky Filipina who went to Alaska to find her lost mother.
In a story about acceptance, love and forgiveness, a powerful, feisty businesswoman on top of the corporate world finds out she has cancer and navigates her complicated relationship with her caregiver and her estranged son.
The eldest daughter of a dysfunctional family plays mother and sister, sacrificing her personal needs, to care for her widower geriatric father and siblings, until she meets the man of her dreams.
Greed and corruption wreck the lives of Edgar and Kaye as their family's fraudulent financial scheme through Kaye's father puts their lives in danger.  They turn to the cultish Church of Yeshua for help, but Edgar sees the deception by its bishop who seems to prioritize raking in donations from its church members.  With the debts of Kaye's father catching up with them, Edgar returns to his roots: he seeks the help of his family of miners in the mountains who live their lives robbing local banks and pawnshops.  
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