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Bernadette gives early Christmas presents for viral elderly man who biked for eight hours in "Tao Po"

December 07, 2023 AT 10:48 AM

Former journalist Andrea Trinidad talks about her bleeding disorder this Sunday


Christmas came early for Romy Manzano, who went viral recently for biking for 8 hours carrying his sons from Parañaque to Manila, as Bernadette Sembrano gives them groceries and bicycles in “Tao Po” this Sunday (December 10).

The 63-year-old father biked from his home to a charity institution in Manila with his two sons Jesrome and Joshua, only to go home empty handed. However, after their pictures went viral on social media, donations poured in for Tatay Romy. Bernadette will get to know their story that will bring inspiration to viewers.

Kapamilya reporter Sherrie Ann Torres will reconnect with a long time friend and former journalist Andrea Trinidad, who has been diagnosed with Hemophilia. Andrea talks about living as a bleeder, losing friends and family to the disease, and watching her child suffer the same fate. She will detail how she eventually found her purpose through advocating healthcare for people with the same illness and establishing an organization that helps bleeders with their medical needs.

Meanwhile, Kabayan Noli De Castro features self-proclaimed "giant dog pack leader" Melvin Cajigal who adopted and trains thirty big dogs breeds such as alabai and caucasian ovcharka. Watch how Melvin makes sure the dogs are healthy and trained despite their size and unusual breeds.

Catch these exciting stories this Sunday (December 10) on “Tao Po” at 2:15PM on A2Z and 6:15 p.m. on Kapamilya Channel Kapamilya Online Live, and ABS-CBN News Online.

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