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Edgy “Teen Clash” premieres on iWantTFC

March 21, 2023 AT 03:27 AM

Edgy “Teen Clash” premieres on iWantTFC

New original series pushes the envelope with out-of-the-box storytelling and life lessons from Black Sheep

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., MARCH 20, 2023 – “Teen Clash,” a part-rom-com, part-coming-of-age series, produced by iWantTFC and Black Sheep, recently premiered on iWantTFC.

Inspired by the hit Wattpad story of the same title, the series navigates a battle of the sexes where the characters deal with inevitable inconveniences, rocky relationships, brutal battles, and promising affairs of the heart.

The cast includes Jayda (Zoe), Aljon Mendoza (Ice), Markus Paterson (Jude), Andrea Abaya (Mandy), Bianca de Vera (Yannie), Zach Castañeda (Xander), Gail Banawis (Ayumi), Ralph Malibunas (Ken), Fana (Sab), Kobie Brown (Josh), and Luke Alford (Lloyd).

“Teen Clash” Director Gino M. Santos is confident the young ones will enjoy the series not just because of the music and the acting, “but also because of the lessons that each character learns.”

At the global media conference, Jayda, who plays Zoe, admits that the series is a dream project for her as it is a marriage of her two worlds: music and acting.

The cast of “Teen Clash” at the global media conference. Front row (L-R): Bianca De Vera, Aljon Mendoza, Jayda, and Zach Castaneda. Back row (L-R): Fana, Kobie Brown, Luke Alford, Gail Banawis, and Ralph Malibunas.

Bianca, who plays Yannie, explains that they have a responsibility to the youth who will be watching them. She says they are not just working as actors, but they try to set a good example by being punctual on set, staying grounded, and being humble.

“Teen Clash” offers something edgy for the views where the characters are rebellious, but at the same time very real, according to Aljon, who plays Ice in the series. “Our characters share the same struggles that today’s youth experience.”

Zoe (Jayda) and Ice (Aljon Mendoza) lead the cast of iWantTFC and Black Sheep’s new original series, “Teen Clash.”

Jayda also explains that since Black Sheep is known for their out-of-the-box storytelling, “viewers may see things that are unconventional in the best possible way. It is pushing the envelope creatively and it’s such an amazing thing as an actor to be part of something like this.”

Jayda emphasized that values in relationships are imparted through the show. Her character, for instance, experiences serious conflict with her mother, but their journey together helps them realize how both sides need to learn and grow to have a fully loving relationship.

Through the course of 10 episodes, viewers will follow the journey of Zoe (Jayda), an aspiring musician who tries her all to join a band competition to fulfill her dream of going on tour with her idol and crush, Jude (Markus Patterson).

Teen Clash streams every Friday on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and website (, available with a Standard or Premium subscription. Get all-access entertainment for as low as US $4.99 or its equivalent in your local currency.
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