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1MX Toronto 2023: Budweiser Stage Premiere Sparks Music Madness

September 15, 2023 AT 04:55 PM

1MX Toronto 2023: Budweiser Stage Premiere Sparks Music Madness

Toronto's first-ever 1MX music fest features electrifying performances and overwhelming fan reactions (Photo courtesy of Linda Le)

TORONTO, September 15, 2023  - History was made on September 10, 2023, as the Budweiser Stage in Toronto hosted the first-ever 1MX music festival in North America. 1MX Toronto 2023, the inaugural edition on this continent, lived up to its reputation as a remarkable musical spectacle, drawing thousands of fans for an astonishing eight hours of nonstop entertainment spanning across a diverse array of musical genres.
As the doors opened at 2 PM, a wave of excitement swept through the crowd, setting the stage for a day filled with musical magic. The show ran from 3 PM to 11 PM, transforming the Budweiser Stage into a musical haven where fans celebrated the universal language of music.
The audience's response to 1MX Music Festival in Toronto was resoundingly positive, with attendees fully engaged from start to finish, relishing the extraordinary performances and the pulsating energy on stage.
"We were overwhelmed by the incredible energy and enthusiasm of the Toronto crowd," states ABS-CBN Global COO Aldrin Cerrado. "Our 1MX Music Festivals in previous years have always aimed to celebrate music in all its diversity, and this year's Toronto event truly embodied that spirit.”
Cerrado further emphasizes that "the presence of a diverse Pan-Asian audience in the crowd is a testament to ABS-CBN Global’s commitment to the path we have chosen. By uniting artists from various cultural backgrounds, we provide a platform for international artists while expanding the global fanbase of Filipino talents beyond their home country, fostering genuine talent crossovers that resonate with music lovers worldwide."

ABS-CBN Global Managing Director for North and Latin America Jun Del Rosario is pleased with the turnout at Sunday’s event saying "1MX is our way of connecting with the vibrant, music-loving younger crowd and fulfilling their hunger for a great music experience, and we delivered."
Del Rosario underlines the significance of 1MX in fostering inclusivity, representation, and multiculturalism. “It's more than just a festival; it's an opportunity to create a thriving community where artists and fans from diverse backgrounds come together to shape the future of music."

BGYO took the stage by storm, leaving hard-core ACES fans awestruck and turning newcomers into ardent admirers with their high-octane performance. (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

BGYO Aces fans hold their BGYO fans in one hand, while holding up their phones on another to capture their idols. 
(Photo courtesy of Linda Le)

Justin Park's set was nothing short of enchanting, captivating the audience and entrancing them with his performance. (Photos courtesy of Linda Le)

RUSSELL! made a dynamic entrance, filling the air with boundless energy and igniting a fiery spectacle on stage. (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

Guapdad 4000 proudly flaunted his Filipino heritage, leaping into the crowd and sparking a wave of enthusiasm among fans. (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

Canada-based DJs –DJ Jayemkayem (top photo), DJ Tilt, and DJ Hedspin kept the rhythm and beats flowing as the crowd vibed all through the night. (Photos courtesy of Katrina Lat)

UMI's set masterfully blended heartfelt emotion with contagious energy, forging deep connections with the audience. (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

To the delight of many, UMI jumped off the stage during her “Love Affair” song to get up close with her fans. (Photos courtesy of Linda Le and Katrina Lat)

Thuy stole the spotlight, winning over fans with her heartfelt music and leaving the entire crowd spellbound. (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

Thuy asked the audience who is the couple who had been together the longest. She found this pair who has been together for 30 years and counting and invited them onstage to slow dance to her “Universe.” (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

Ben&Ben delivered an electrifying performance, earning thunderous applause, and cementing their status as a Filipino fan favorite. (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

Twin brothers, Paolo Benjamin and Miguel Benjamin (top), and their band Ben & Ben (bottom) kept the audience singing and dancing along during their set. A lot of smiles all around. (Photos courtesy of Katrina Lat)

The night's ultimate standout was Dabin, whose electrifying set featured stunning pyrotechnics and mind-bending visuals, turning the stage into an epic rave party. (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

The crowd was enveloped in euphoria, and undeniable excitement resonated throughout the phenomenal evening! (Photo courtesy of Katrina Lat)

Coming off the success of 1MX London (Europe) last July, and this just concluded 1MX Toronto (North America), we invite music enthusiasts to mark their calendars for 1MX Sydney (Asia Pacific) happening on October 8 at The Hordern Pavilion. Visit for more information and to get tickets.
Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion
Corporate Affairs & PR
ABS-CBN International