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Jed, Sheryn, and Jona Acknowledge Global Influence and Reach of TFC

January 20, 2024 AT 02:51 AM

Jed, Sheryn, and Jona Acknowledge Global Influence and Reach of TFC

Join the iconic trio in a Valentine's concert tour in casinos across the U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO, JANUARY 19, 2024 – This February, ABS CBN International's Filipino Channel (TFC) and New Paradise Entertainment (NPE) proudly present the much-anticipated Valentine's concert tour, "Jed, Sheryn, Jona Live in Concert," featuring three of the most iconic Filipino talents – Jed Madela, Sheryn Regis, and Jona. The three shows that will feature extraordinary music are all part of the many exciting offerings celebrating TFC's 30th anniversary.
Attendees can expect a night filled with soulful melodies, powerful vocals, and heartwarming performances that highlight the incredible talent of Jed, Sheryn, and Jona. This Valentine's concert tour is not just a musical event but a celebration of the enduring careers of these three artists, who have not only excelled in local Philippine singing competitions but have also made their mark on the international stage.
In a recent media huddle held via Zoom, the artists answered questions from the press regarding their preparations for the tour, their favorite love songs, their signature styles, how they feel about reaching their fans outside of the Philippines, and many more interesting topics.

The intimate Q&A with the press and Jed (top right), Sheryn (bottom left), and Jona (top left) was moderated by North America News Bureau Chief TJ Manotoc (bottom right).

ABS-CBN International Head of Events Kerwin Du emphasizes the company’s vision of highlighting world-class Filipino talents in North America and he believes that the three artists personify such impeccable flair. Du adds that the three “have longevity in the entertainment industry, with established careers spanning decades. We at TFC are very proud to bring Jed, Sheryn, and Jona for a show in the casinos.”
New Paradise Entertainment CEO Dan Tran echoes Du’s sentiments when he said “Pinoy artists are all very talented, and the fans are great, fully engaged, fully energetic.” In talks with Du that started in April 2023, Tran said that “we can connect all the casinos to form a tour.” Putting all three artists together on a stage would have a significant impact.
In reply to a question regarding how TFC’s global reach and the support of Filipinos in the diaspora have helped their respective careers, all three artists agreed one hundred percent.
Jed acknowledged that "TFC has given us artists a bigger platform to be exposed to a bigger audience. To penetrate the international market is very difficult, but somehow TFC has given us the opportunity to be recognized in other countries.”
Both Sheryn and Jona concur with Jed. Sheryn shares that as a Filipino American, she is grateful that TFC has given her “the opportunity to reach different states and different parts of the world.”
Jona also points out that their exposure to a bigger audience via TFC has helped her grow as an artist since she has become more sensible in selecting her setlist, making sure that she considers her audience, young and old.
Additionally, all three artists declared that they are all always excited to perform for their kababayan (fellow Filipinos) and for new audiences they meet abroad. Sheryn says their shows are like Filipino gatherings, always festive and cheerful, never a dull moment.
Jed likens TFC to a bridge that connects Filipinos abroad to what they miss about the Philippines. When TFC subscribers see artists perform, Jed believes that they “become part of their family so when they see us when we visit the places where they are, it feels like we’re visiting family.”
Jona adds that she feels like she is a distant relative to the audience who come to watch them. The joyful and warm greetings from the crowd contribute to her disposition as an artist.
“Jed, Sheryn, Jona Live in Concert” celebrates love and music and is set to captivate audiences across North America on the following dates:
- February 2, 2024, Friday at Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, CA. Doors open at 8 PM, show starts at 9 PM. Tickets starting at $65.
- February 3, 2024, Saturday at Choctaw Casino & Resort in Durant, OK. Free admission. To register, call 945-267-1488.
- February 10, 2024, Saturday at the Special Events Center, Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, Indio, CA. Show starts at 7:30 PM. Tickets available starting at $38.
Do not miss the opportunity to see this spectacular Valentine's concert tour that not only promises a night of exceptional music but also pays tribute to the legacy of Filipino talent. For tickets and further information, please visit

Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion
Corporate Affairs & PR
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