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Peyton Garcia longs for summer love in debut single "Vanilla Bean"

March 20, 2024 AT 09:35 AM

Filipino-Canadian singer-songwriter Peyton Garcia talks about young love in the midst of a summery day in his debut single “Vanilla Bean,” which is set to be released this Friday (March 22).

Peyton wrote the song where he described the Philippines as a summer paradise best spent with one’s beloved.

“Being from Canada where the weather is cold, the Philippines to me is a paradise, not only is the scenery beautiful but the people  here are so kind and appreciative of everything and I just love it so much,” Peyton said. “This song talks about wanting to share this paradise with that special someone in your life.”

He also produced “Vanilla Bean” with Michael Cursebox and supervising producer Roque “Rox” Santos  under ABS-CBN’s StarPop record label.

At a young age, Peyton knew he wanted to be on stage and perform his heart out which pushed him to take a chance on pursuing music.

“Music has been something I’ve held dear to me my whole life, when I was a kid my parents put me in a bunch of extra curricular activities but ever since seeing my first ever musical as a kid I told myself that being on stage just like those performers is exactly what I want to do. And I’ve been on this exciting musical journey since,” he shared.

The 17-year-old artist toured across Canada and the U.S. as a former member of Mini Pop Kids. During the pandemic, he opened the Virtual Concert Reality (VCR), an interactive online concert showcasing youth talents. Some of his musical influences are Jon Bellion, Samm Henshaw, and Bruno Major.

“I'm so proud to represent the Philippines and show the world just how much music can really be. Being a part of a couple gigs in the western industry and getting to represent my home is such an honor and special thing to me,” said Peyton.

Aside from his musical talent, Peyton also starred in the Amazon Prime series “Amelia Parker” and in the Nickelodeon series “Overlords and the Underwoods.” 

Check out Peyton’s debut single “Vanilla Bean,” coming out this Friday (March 22) on various digital streaming platforms. For more details, follow StarPop on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, and TikTok

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