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Will Maddie and Raiko be worlds apart forever in “W’s” finale?

May 03, 2018 AT 11:16 AM

As the webtoon series comes to an end, will Maddie and Raiko’s love story also reach its final chapter?

Find out in the much-awaited out-of-this-world finale of ABS-CBN’s hit primetime Asianovela “W” this week.

By the time Raiko took the bait and fell in the hands of Congressman Han, the latter was already fully aware that another world existed and that they were all just characters from a webtoon. After learning that Raiko was the key to ending their world, Han did not think twice and shot him.

Raiko, however, did not give up without a fight and managed to escape Han. He set a rendezvous with Maddie but just as when they were about to be reunited, Raiko vanished and Maddie found herself back in the real world.

Is Raiko gone for good? How will Maddie accept the reality that the webtoon “W” has finally reached its end? 

Don’t miss “W: The Out-of-this-World Finale” after “Since I Found You,” only on the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN. 

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