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"Kadenang Ginto" sparkles with new, feistier chapter

February 26, 2019 AT 02:33 PM

Viewers are in for a bolder and feistier TV viewing now that the worlds of Cassie (Francine Diaz), Marga (Andrea Brillantes), Romina (Beauty Gonzales), and Daniela (Dimples Romana) will turn upside down as they fight and block one another from gaining the glory of being a Mondragon after Robert’s (Albert Martinez) sudden disappearance in the much anticipated new chapter of “Kadenang Ginto.”

Chaos will take over the lives of the four Mondragons, after Robert was killed in a helicopter that exploded in midair.

This misfortune will motivate Daniela to regain the Mondragon empire she thinks is rightfully hers, while her daughter Marga will finally claim the throne as her family’s princess. But Romina will fight for her innocence and prove that she is not involved with Robert’s accident, while her daughter Cassie will also take all the insults and beating from Daniel and Marga until she and her mother get the justice they deserve.

But as the four fight for their right to inherit Robert’s wealth, the puzzling secret behind Romina’s rapist and its connection to the truth Robert had intended to reveal before he vanished will remain a mystery.

Meanwhile, netizens were not able to contain their excitement for the series’ new chapter and shared their thoughts on social media.

“This is good, okay, we’ll let you torture Cassie and Romina because we know they will have the last laugh,” Facebook user Jehan Atog Sapalon commented.

“Wow! Just wow! Mara Clara feels. This is what afternoon soap operas should be. The emotions should be alive in the afternoon,” another Facebook user Ferbus Bocha said.

“I've been watching clips and reading comments of netizens about their theory and up until now, netizens’ predictions really come to life, like this trailer for example... Fans predicted this. I feel like the writers want to give what viewers want,” said YouTube user Myles Mendoza.

“Kadenang Ginto” also continue to pull in viewers every afternoon as it hit a national TV rating of 19.9% last Friday (February 22), compared to “Inagaw na Bituin” with only 10.9%, according to data from Kantar Media.

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