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MNL48 lines up two more reunions

September 18, 2020 AT 12:46 PM

The fun for MNL 48 fans continues as the group comes together again in parts two and three of much-awaited "MNL 48 REGROUP: The Reunion" this September.


Join members of the NIV and L groups as they tell their lockdown stories, entertain their fans with surprise performances from its members, and answer some questions on September 18 and 25 at 7 PM, respectively on MNL48's YouTube page. 


To get the chance to interact with their idols, fans can send their questions via Super Chat or Super Stickers to show love for the group. 


The first part of "Re-group: The Reunion" aired last September 11 which featured the group, MII and showcased some performances from its members, MNL48 Andi, MNL48 Emz, and MNL48 Sheki. 


Amidst the pandemic, MNL48 surprised their fans with new and exciting digital series, which are available on their YouTube channel. 


“MNL48 Presents: Chain,” is a four-part mini-series revolving around Tina Severo (MNL48 Jamie) who went missing. As her family tries to search for her, a chain video showing her final moments circulates online, and those who receive it must share it to someone else, otherwise, their lives will be put in danger.  


Viewers should also catch-up with “MNL48 Presents: Bye Us,” a story of Jackie (MNL48 Jem) who falls in love with her best friend, Portia (MNL48 Dana). 


Meanwhile, who will star in the group’s upcoming series, “MNL48 Presents: Pranks Not Dead" is now in the hands of their fans. To vote, they can simply buy voting tickets on or diamonds on KUMU. 


Aside from digital series, MNL48's sub-unit, Baby Blue, composed of MNL48 members Amy, Coleen and Jan released their first single, "Sweet Talking Sugar." It is available on EGGS, Spotify and other digital streaming platforms. 


On September 17, the music video of “Sweet Talking Sugar” delighted fans as it premiered on MNL48’s official YouTube channel. They can also check out its airing on MYX. To watch out for are the live-streamed performances of their idols.


An upcoming single is also in the works.


For more updates about MNL48, follow the group official Facebook (, Twitter (@mnl48official), Instagram (@mnl48official), at YouTube accounts.