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Tan Roncal and Eian Rances sort out their relationship in new ABS-CBN PILIkula "Pa-Mine, Pare"

May 20, 2021 AT 04:39 PM

A kiss disturbs the peaceful relationship of best friends Anton (Eian Rances) and Davey (Tan Roncal) in the new interactive movie from ABS-CBN TV Digital Group (TVDG), "PILIkula: Pa-Mine, Pare" this May 21. 


Tan Roncal and Eian Rances emerged as the top choices of viewers as ABS-CBN put the final casting of the lead stars to a vote on kumu and KTX.PH For two weeks, young male stars vied for the chance to get the roles via regular live streams on the app. 


Anton (Eian) and Davey (Tan) have been the best of friends since high school. Even if Anton lived a privileged life, he opted to be independent and build his own menswear and sell it online.  


Davey assists him in his business and stays in the same apartment after his family chose to live in Cebu. All is well for the two, until Davey kisses Anton on the cheek in one of their live online selling. 

Deciding their relationship status becomes even more challenging as their barkada, played by Justin Dizon, Paolo Arce, and Isaiah Dela Cruz, taunts them.   


How will the kiss affect their relationship? Will this suddenly unleash bottled up feelings?  


Head onto KTX.PH to buy your tickets for P150 and wait for an email for the link where you can watch it. Fans have the power to choose how this PILIkula will end as they can vote through kumu. 


PILIkula” is part of the growing list of digital content of OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows) and is only one of many ABS-CBN TV Digital Group (TVDG) offerings. 


Since 2020, TVDG has been creating a series of exclusively online shows for Kapamilyas looking for fresh and original concepts and stories. Among its projects are the iWant Original "TNT Boys,” the online anthology show "Stay At Home Stories," the interactive show "PILIkula," the digital documentary "Persona: Jake Zyrus," the online reality show "Starkada Battle," and the online talent search "Bida Star.”   


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