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MYX Global launches Season 2 of "Booked"

February 22, 2024 AT 02:57 AM

MYX Global launches Season 2 of "Booked"

International series takes viewers behind the scenes in the making of a global star

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 21, 2024 - There is no dearth of evidence that Filipino singers - recording artists and live performers - can go toe-to-toe with the best talents the world could offer.  Bruno Mars, H.E.R., Olivia Rodrigo, Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda, Darren Criss... the list could go on and on.  But in the insanely competitive world of entertainment, talent is never enough.  A star may be born for 15 minutes, but to last in the business and get consistently booked for gigs and projects, one essentially needs a plan, a team, and a prayer.
MYX Global – a premier media and entertainment brand that celebrates the diverse voices and talents of the global Filipino and Asian community – takes its international audience behind the scenes to look at Filipino artist experiences as they book and make their way into new global markets via "BOOKED Season 2".
"Fans really only get to see the highlight reels of celebrities but never the journey to get to that final destination. They miss out on the discipline it takes to reach those goals. They go through rigid schedules, mental, emotional, and physical ups and downs while continuously learning about music trends and markets, vocal and live performance training... this is what you don't see every day.  'BOOKED' gives the fans a whole new perspective in appreciating and respecting their favorite music talents as they witness what it takes to stay on top of the game," said Nino Llanera, MYX Global head of content and programming.
For "BOOKED Season 2", expect to see today's Filipino superstars on their way to global conquests like BINI, Ben&Ben, MayMay, BGYO, Janine Berdin and more.
To discover more about the secrets in the making of a global star, watch the exciting trailer of "BOOKED Season 2":

Watch "Booked" Season 2 Trailer here

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