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MYX Global's first podcast, "The Ripple", to launch globally this March

March 15, 2024 AT 03:00 AM

MYX Global's first podcast, "The Ripple", to launch globally this March

MYX Global's VJ Samm and Nameless Kids lead vocalist Nhiko to host the much-anticipated audio show as podcast credibility soars; Premieres on March 17 in North America and on March 18 around the world

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2024 - Good news for audiophiles! According to a Morning Consult research study released this month, trust in PODCAST soared from being the least trusted medium in 2020 at 27% to more than 45% credibility, especially with Gen Z and millennials. 
It is in this new media landscape that MYX Global - a premier media and entertainment brand that celebrates the diverse voices and talents of the global Filipino and Asian community - unveils its first podcast called The Ripple


The new podcast is hosted by the dynamic duo of VJ Samm, a 2018 MYX VJ Search winner whose solid success has taken her from anchoring the likes of "MYXclusive" to hosting the huge Awit Awards in the Philippines, and Nhiko, an emerging producer, composer and lead vocalist of the popular experimental indie-pop group Nameless Kids. Together, these two will make The Ripple a safe haven for artists and music enthusiasts to share their unique stories that have created ripples in their respective distinctive journeys within the music industry.
"The Ripple uniquely sheds light on artist experience and personal struggles that create the stories that shape their music," said Nino Llanera, MYX Global head for content and programming. "Our hosts, VJ Samm and Nhiko Sabiniano, make the perfect duo to bring us hilarious banter, genuinely curious minds, and an ideal brother-and-sister/best friend-like synergy to carry the show."  
Catch the wave and tune in on YouTube and Spotify every Monday starting on March 18, Manila time (March 17, North and Latin America) and every Wednesday on the MYX Channel and let The Ripple take you on an exhilarating trip through the heart and soul of the global music industry. 
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