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Giant global platform celebrating next generation artists announces new shows

September 09, 2022 AT 09:08 AM

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif, September 8, 2022 – MYX, the fastest growing platform for music and lifestyle for the next generation audience, unveils two new shows this September.

According to MYX Head of Content & Programming Nino Llanera, since these are the first two tentpole shows that MYX is producing in the Philippines since the pandemic,  these were on-target “to showcase the next generation of rising musical talents coming out of the Philippines and Asia.”

MYX Head of Platform Operations Marlino Bitanga believes that MYX Hits Different and MYX Live brings them closer to realizing the vision of MYX to bring Filipino talents to the world.  He says these shows “allow us to introduce the next generation of artists you need to know now and will obsess over next.”

There is a new generation of Filipino artists are on the rise.

MYX Hits Different is there to bring these artists front and center of the global stage to introduce their unique sound to audiences always on the lookout for songs they could identify with, or music that resonates with them.

From the rich, multicultural rap music of Young Cocoa to the fun and fresh sound of Denise Julia, to the unique folk-pop sound of Syd Hartha, and the masterfully crafted pop-electronic dance genre of BINI and BGYO, there are new songs to discover and upcoming artists to add to your new favorites.

(Clockwise from left) BINI, BGYO and Nobita are just some of the artists featured on MYX Hits Different.

In the episodes of MHD, audiences will see the singers and songwriters in “extraordinary circumstances.” The program brings the artists outside the studios and into random, yet familiar spaces of daily life. Imagine a barber shop, the grocery store, an auto shop, a café, and other such places. 

Llanera adds that MHD is a new show that features these artists in a different light by showcasing not only their talents but also the personality behind their artistry. They will be doing fun challenges, answer random questions, and perform their best title and B-side tracks.

MYX LIVE! Is a returning show on the platform that brings fresh and bold live music from premiere artists across genres. This also aligns with the vision of MYX to bring Filipino talent to the world stage.
Llanera shares that “With MYX Live we wanted to bring back a staple show that's been on MYX for a while but give it a new facelift with fresh artists, new music, and a new look and feel.  We wanted to come back with something new but also something nostalgic and familiar.”

(L-R) Clara Benin, Nameless Kids, and Raven are just a few of the artists who will be performing on MYX Live!

The new season will feature both local and international artists – in their raw and authentic form. Some of these with big followings are Magnus Haven, Alamat, and Clara Benin - all giving us MYX exclusive Performances.
Still utilizing the one camera treatment, MYX Live! will now include mini-interviews and behind-the-scenes features for more authenticity. Audiences will be treated to fresh, live, raw music combined with a visually compelling aesthetic. Just the right elements to make for unadulterated viewing (and listening) pleasure.
MYX is the beat of the new generation.
Bitanga adds, “Our MYXers expect music-centric shows that are new and refreshing with a touch of nostalgia, and these shows really captivate that essence. Now our MYXers can watch both shows live on our linear channels, or on our 24/7 live feed and video on demand through our website”
MYX Hits Different can now be seen on MYX and it will have 13 30-minute episodes. It will feature up-and-coming artists such as BGYO, BINI, the cast of “Lyric & Beat,” and Nobita, among others.
MYX Live! Returns late September.
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Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion
Corporate Affairs & PR
ABS-CBN International