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Introducing "Paano to Pinoy,” a Hilarious and Educational YouTube Series Showcasing the Filipino Culture

June 29, 2023 AT 02:05 PM

Introducing "Paano to Pinoy,” a Hilarious and Educational YouTube Series Showcasing the Filipino Culture

Join the Planells family as they compete in weekly Filipino cultural challenges on MYX's YouTube Channel

LOS ANGELES, JUNE 29, 2023 - Get ready to embark on a journey of laughter, learning, and many things Pinoy as MYX proudly announces the debut of "Paano to Pinoy," a brand-new made-for-YouTube series that is part-reality, part-funny, and 100% made for the family. 
Hosted by the charismatic Hernando Planells, "Paano to Pinoy" revolves around a unique concept that brings together the rich tapestry of Filipino culture from the perspective of a Filipino-American family amid the excitement of challenges and games.
Hernando, a longtime basketball coach with experience in the college and semi-pro levels, brings his expertise as a challenge/game master to the series. He is also a renowned motivational speaker, sports choreographer, and producer for Hollywood movies. Additionally, Hernando is no stranger to the culinary world, having previously hosted a cooking show.
Joining Hernando on this entertaining journey are his talented children, Preston and Gabby, who add their unique flair to the show.


Meet the Planells. (Clockwise from top left: Preston, Dad Hernando, and Gabby). Through a series of fun challenges, the Planells  family aims to showcase the richness of Filipino traditions from the perspective of a Fil-Am family, foster family bonding, and promote cultural appreciation.

Preston, a star collegiate swimmer at the University of Utah, is an honor student in his senior year. With his remarkable athletic achievements and academic excellence, Preston brings a competitive spirit to each challenge in "Paano to Pinoy."
Gabby, a Musical Theater sophomore at Chico State University, emphasizes the importance of embracing their Filipino culture regardless of the extent of their heritage. "We're still Filipino. It doesn't matter if we're a quarter, half, or full. We claim that culture completely," shares Gabby.
In a recent interview on the podcast "Bridging the Gap," the Planells family shared the significance of discovering their roots and embracing the Filipino culture.
"Paano to Pinoy aims to inspire viewers to want to learn more about their own culture and other cultures as well. When we increase our knowledge, curiosity, and appreciation, we also increase our capacity to love," states Hernando.
Gabby shares that food is how their family bonds with their Filipino culture. She explains that they make two dishes on the show, and they discovered a lot just learning about the ingredients that go into the food.
Preston adds that it is important to know where one came from to move forward to one’s destination. So, he underlines that curiosity and openness to learn about one’s roots is key.
With various challenges like cooking sisig, karaoke-singing, using the walis, “Paano to Pinoy” promises to be engaging for audiences. Hernando also believes that a game-like atmosphere  would be a great way to introduce culture and embrace their heritage.
With "Paano to Pinoy," audiences can expect a delightful combination of laughter, competition, and cultural exploration. The show promises to be an engaging and enriching experience for the whole family.
Viewers can tune in to watch "Paano to Pinoy" every week, starting July 4, on the MYX YouTube Channel. Join the Planells family on their delightful adventures through Filipino culture and experience the joy of being Pinoy.
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